Andrei Abramov

Rural entrepreneur, creator and owner of the Khutor Yodishki trademark

Khutor Yodishki is known far beyond the borders of Belarus, first of all, for its unique rural natural products. In addition, the Abramov family's agro-ecological estate is a unique business model aimed at developing the village and improving the living standards of its residents. Interviews and videos about the uniqueness of the village economy and the products it produces, the peculiarities of the organization of work - in publications in print media, online and TV reports. 

Buying eco-products that are so fashionable today, most people do not know about their origin. But a high price is not yet a guarantor of naturalness, quality and usefulness. By producing rural natural products in a closed cycle, from feed to selection work, Yodishki Khutor demonstrates a qualitatively new level in terms of human health benefits, nutritional and taste characteristics.